Episode 99: The Bear Is Dead

Anne dares Mikey and Edgar to pluck Michael’s new golden nose hair, which has a life of its own – and ends up getting Sly punished if the three don’t say anything.More

Episode 98: The Outpost Tavern Bar And Grill

Marissa’s trip to the laundromat to clean her dirty clothes turns into a surreal misadventure involving embarrassing encounters with Michael The Cowboy and a trip inside a dryer to get her lucky shirt back from The Flinchites, a band of missing socks who destroy laundry.More

Episode 97: They Did Us Dirty

The local park is about to be developed and when Michael accidentally chains himself to a tree with his bike; he is mistaken for an activist and asked to run for city council. However, MW struggles to understand the concept of each person’s opinion counting, believing there to be a right and a wrong party to vote for, and that Michael is standing for the wrong party. Meanwhile, an underhanded opposition leader (Marissa Ng) hires Officer Charlie to dig up dirt on Michael, hoping to damage his campaign and stop him from winning.More