33: Woebegone

Mike Walters is walking around O.V.E.R. with his top-bound spiral notebook, using his detective skills to figure out what happened at 357A. He is licking the tip of his pencil before writing with it because that’s what they do in the movies.More

32: Glacier / I can’t tell how scared to be.

Mike uses this new calm to chat up an old friend. And since the calm never comes before anything else, he’s totally in the clear. Sidenote: can you imagine being the guy who has to monitor Mike’s calls?More

30: Punished

It’s movie night at Mike’s place. He’s got the high-minded surrealistic film, the popcorn, an unexpected time travel incident, the soda…More

28: The Flinchite

Mike sits down for a Q&A with someone who has a better idea about what is going on and then treats his company to some international travel.More

26: Chance and Shadow

Home where my thought’s escapin’
Home where my music’s playin’
Home where my love lies waitin’
Silently for me.More