This is my first night

moonlighting as a walking stick

so forgive me if I start to break

in the moments you are frail

I will try my best to be

more than just a mirror

Trying as I might

having other goals

splitting up my time

apologies if I

wasn’t meant to bear

weight as great as this

for very long

I was not enough

to stop our bulky baskets

from falling in the river

I was not enough

to stop out lazy futures

from ticking away

inside our heads

modicum of salt

spread on the ground

thought that you would flinch

but you didn’t

terror in the eyes

terra firma now

I think that I’m why

the plants aren’t growing

and I wasn’t holding onto hope for nothing

but I wasn’t holding on with both my hands

because I needed one to steady up my body

battled-hardened for a battle I won’t win

until I sink into the permafrost again

I was not enough

to salvage every vessel

with rations meant to fill us up

I was not enough

to demand a permanent end

to the breeze that threw us off  

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