[INTERMISSION IX] Infinitessimality



I was fond of telling you

anything that you would tell me to

I can tell where anything is buried

notches in a forked branch

can’t you see

the dowsing is pointing me

collecting underground

filling in and filing out

right into the leaves

obfuscating holes in ground

looking up from the trap that you set

let me out, you cowards, I’m not finished it

knowing I could find you anywhere

I took a souvenir

and I got out of there

knowing I could find you anywhere

made it easy to forget

who I used to be when I said

what I meant

I thought that once I mourned it would be gone

but I was wrong

it stretches to the forest I came out of

weathered any storm in those trees

comfort from the infinitesimality

that clings to me

now without you

it all falls apart

not above dealing damage myself I

cut them down and piled them up to keep me dry

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