9: Trailhead

The episode of WOE.BEGONE was recorded on location. Apologies for the occasional drops in audio quality. You know what they say: never work with animals.More

8: Limited Hangout

Look, everyone’s lying to everyone else, alright? Clearly, none of these people have even heard of the truth. If it were me, I would simply not lie, but I’m built different.More

6: ONCE.wav

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head but you don’t remember enough about it to look it up?More

5: Takesies Backsies

Anne and Mike reunite for the first time in years and go camping. They are exactly where they told you that they were going. Don’t look into it.More

3: It’s Just A Pig

Mike meets with the mysteriously named CANNONBALL and gets started on the third challenge. What a great start to what must end up as a lifelong friendship!More

1: Participant Observation

Mike Walters discovers a mysterious online game called WOE.BEGONE. The first challenge isn’t even that hard. It will probably stay that way, right?More